Coming from Shaqra - a village in Al Washm district, north of Riyadh city on the ancient pilgrim routes that once crossed the Arabian Peninsula - it was perhaps inevitable that Sheikh Saad Albawardi would become a trader. Although Sheikh Saad never left Shaqra, in the 1920s and 30s he successfully built his business trading with Makkah in the West, and Al Ahssa in the East. Originally a farmer of significant lands in the area surrounding Shaqra, Saad provided butterfat and livestock to Al Ahssa in exchange for dates and cloth. He traded clothes and carpets in Makkah for gold bars and coins. Most of the activities were conducted on an informal basis, albeit pursuing Saad's desire to 'honor one's word'.

Sheikh Saad's two sons Mohammed and Abdurrahman carried on the trading activities from their father. Having the desire to serve their people and community, they established a bus service company in the early 50's, at a time where paved roads did not exist.

Just after, a soft drink factory was established in Riyadh, in cooperation with CanadaDry, Canada along with local partners.

In 1957 a formal partnership was registered between Sheikh Saad's two sons under the name of M & A Albawardi. This period testified an expansion of the business with its first involvement in building materials, specifically cement and steel.

In the early 60's, the Company diversified by involving further into trading of electrical home appliances mainly from Italy and Germany.

The Company continued to grow rapidly during the 1960s and 70s. In the beginning of the 80s, the second generation of the family got involved in the business. Sheikh Saad's grandsons Khaled, Mosaed and Sami joined & carried over the responsibility successfully.

Subsequently the Group diversified into new trading ventures, industries, services, real estate and investments. The Group developed dynamically into broadly based enterprise, which is presently very well known & recognized as Albawardi Group of companies, operating across Saudi Arabia, GCC and MENA region.

More than five decades of sustained growth and successes were achieved due to the strong commitment by the owner's generation after another to the mission and tasks set by the founders in carrying out the business in a professional, ethical and integral manor.

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