About Us

CEO Message

More than five decades of sustained growth and a commitment to best working practices have given Albawardi its strength and reputation of being a leading trading, industrial, services and investment group in Saudi Arabia.

Our commitment to the highest levels of professionalism, ethics and integrity allowed the company to achieve excellence in offering the best products and the highest standards of service, meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs.

Al Bawardi’s significant stability, strength and growth, lies in its flexibility to respond and act to changing market dynamics both locally and internationally.

Our group is open to new ideas and ventures, always relying on our long experience, commitment and strong foundations to continue its growth and prosperity.

People are our most valuable asset. By working as a team we achieve our targets and successes together, to the mutual benefit of our customers, shareholders and staff.

We are concerned about preserving and protecting the environment for future generations. We have integrated responsible environmental practices and measures into our daily operations in order to achieve that goal.

Our ethical and ideological responsibilities also extend into our society where we live and work. We consider this responsibility an important pillar of our corporate social values. We will continue playing our role in the prosperity and welfare of our community and its people.

Khaled M. Albawardi

Chairman and CEO